24-hour health guardian. Start a smart life,ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18

24-hour health guardian. Start a smart life,ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18

Smart wear has become a digital accessory that we all prefer, and the most prominent is the choice of bracelets and watches. If you want to simplify the choice of a bracelet, if you want a high-end maturity point, it must be a watch.

And traditional watches can be considered entry-level if they are tens of thousands or tens of thousands, and they are not the choice of most people. Then smart watches have become the choice of most people. Compared with traditional watches in terms of functions, they are more interactive and practical. Sex is richer.

ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18, as a brand that focuses on comprehensive cost-effectiveness, is indeed the ultimate. A watch can reach a price of about $50, and its value and function are not inferior to similar high-end smartwatch experiences.

So is this ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18 your favorite? Let's take a look together!

ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18 is available in blue, black, and black gold this time, which should satisfy the preference of most people.

The round dial is more fashionable, and the dial also reaches the 1.32-inch specification, which not only has excellent viewing ability, but also brings better maneuverability to touch operation.

The integrated body, the strap is made of soft and breathable silicone material, which is healthy and skin-friendly, and there is no tightness and urgency to wear for a long time. The softness is very good, even if it is worn and used in winter, there is no blister feeling. The buckle style of wearing can better meet the requirements of different people's wrist thicknesses, and adjust at any time. There is always a tightness that suits you best.

IP68 Waterproof

IP68 waterproof and dustproof design of the fitness trakcer is the best choice for sports enthusiasts. It can be used at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes, so you can use it when you swimming.

It has a full sense of wearing and supports a bright screen by lifting the wrist. With a 1.32-inch high-definition narrow-side display, it presents a large enough display area for daily viewing of the time, date, number of steps, battery, and weather. Of course, with the use of APP can bring more use options, such as a large number of dials can be freely chosen to replace and adapt, change every day to have a different mood of use.

There are more functions, supporting the common health functions of smart wearers: 24-hour heart rate blood oxygen test, 8 sports modes, common running, cycling, walking, football, rowing, etc., there is always one you like. Sports usage.

Daily health and exercise data can be synchronized to the APP at any time, and the information of each exercise can be clearly recorded and displayed in the APP, forming a comparison according to the day, week, month, and year. You can set your own goal value and check the results of daily exercise. Analyze and compare, so that users can better understand the state of sports health.

ZKCREATION Smart Watch Z18 is a very cost-effective watch. The price of the bracelet is to create a smart watch. The value and workmanship are not discounted. It has a dual-use experience of sports and health. It is lightweight and can be worn and used regardless of the season. Fits on your wrist.

If you are also choosing a smart watch with a good price/performance ratio, I recommend this one.